Re: “Tenants decry lack of ‘dignity’ in housing,” May 24:

I read that Toronto Community Housing Corp. estimated the repair bill to bring their 2,000 apartments and townhouses up to living standards is at about $300 million as the conditions are deplorable ranging from leaky roofs to faulty foundations. But — as usual — the money is not available.

Yet, just a short while ago, I recall that they were thinking of spending around $40 million to upgrade Nathan Phillips Square, and then I read that the trusty old taxpayers will be contributing $147.5 million toward the construction of an office and studio building for the headquarters of Corus Entertainment Inc., whatever that is.


Surely, upgrading the substandard housing of our less fortunate citizens should have priority over these frivolous expenditures that city hall keeps coming up with?

One occupant stated that they had to hold a sheet of plastic over their head when seated on the toilet to catch the dripping water from the ceiling.

I have a feeling that if any of our local politicians were subjected to the same inhumane conditions, they would rectify the situation.

Perhaps some of the super-rich citizens of Toronto should consider making donations, not to buildings such as the art gallery because they will have their names carved into granite, but instead to upgrade these buildings for the less fortunate.

They wouldn’t want their names on these worn out structures, but hey — it would still be a great tax writeoff.

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