NEW YORK - Tom Cruise says he'd try directing if he weren't so busy with a different kind of off-camera project: parenting.

"It's really about my kids," explains Cruise, the father of three children, who says directing a film would be even more time-consuming than producing or performing.

"One day I will do it, but right now, I'm having so much fun as an actor," Cruise says on AMC's "Storymakers," which airs Friday (10 p.m. EDT). The special is co-hosted by show-biz veterans Peter Bart and Peter Guber.

Other guests include Judd Apatow, Nick Cassavetes and Cameron Diaz, who stars in "My Sister's Keeper," directed by Cassavetes. "They should give tissues with it as a promo," Diaz says.

Cassavetes talks about going to the movies "for an experience of connection."

"You don't go to be tricked or to be wowed," he says.

Then Apatow, writer, director and producer of "Funny People," starring Adam Sandler, defends his practice of including male nude scenes in his comedies.

"How come it's always in a drama?" says Apatow. "How come you CAN'T do comedy with a naked man?"


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