It was the Halifax Regional School Board superintendent’s husband who released a viral video that showed a skirmish between former Graham Creighton Junior High School principal Ken Fells and a student.

After the minute-long security footage of Fells grappling with 14-year-old Josh Boutilier found its way to local tabloid Frank magazine last month, superintendent Carole Olsen told a media conference on Friday she asked an information technology co-ordinator to find out where the leak came from. The investigation revealed her own work email was the source, an account to which Olsen’s husband had access.

Olsen believed her husband of 39 years, Christopher Olsen, released the video to defend her against criticism of her recommendation that Fells should be fired for his actions in the much talked about altercation with the student.

Olsen said she didn’t give permission for the video to be released and didn’t encourage her husband to do so.

At a board meeting on May 20, the board voted to remove Fells as principal from Graham Creighton Junior High but that he would be reassigned to another post.