Naomi Campbell told Mia Farrow that she received a “huge diamond” from the former president of Liberia, the actress said from the witness stand yesterday, contradicting the model’s testimony that she didn’t know the value of the gift from accused war criminal Charles Taylor.

The prosecution called Farrow, and Campbell’s former agent Carole White, to testify about uncut diamonds that Taylor allegedly gave the model after a September 1997 party they all attended that was hosted by then-South African president Nelson Mandela.

Prosecutors have pulled the celebrity witnesses into Taylor’s trial hoping they will show Taylor was in possession of at least one “blood diamond” – stones sold to fund wars.

Farrow testified that Campbell had told other guests over breakfast in 1997 she had received a large gem from Taylor. She said Campbell said she planned to give it to charity – the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. The defence lawyer said Farrow’s testimony is not credible, given that it contradicts the known number of the diamonds and involves details from an event 13 years ago.