Jared Padalecki may be starring in the new big-screen version of Friday the 13th, but the lead actor behind TV’s Supernatural had no grand illusions about it during a recent interview in Los Angeles.

“I’m not fooling myself; people aren’t coming to see me, they’re coming to see Jason,” admitted the actor regarding cinema’s famous killer. “I think there’s something great about the mystery behind the mask and our Jason, Derek Mears, just the physical presence that he is.”

There’s no doubt about that. At six-foot-five, Mears is a looming gentleman, complete with a powerful build and shaved head. His presence even proceeds the stuntman-turned-actor as made evident by the rousing reception his name garnered when it appeared on-screen during a preview in Hollywood.

“I have a lot of friends in the industry,” the modest actor said, but in truth, Mears has been thrust into the public spotlight (thanks to the Internet) ever since he got cast as the infamous hockey-masked murderer.

His quick rise to fame is shocking, especially since the film doesn’t hit theatres until next Friday … Friday the 13th in case you didn’t know.

As Jason, Mears stars as the grown-up version of the boy-turned-vengeful psychotic who, after the murder of his mother, began to take his bloodlust out on unsuspecting (and often topless) campers. It’s an especially violent reimagining of the original series, which began in 1980 and became the horror genre’s most successful franchise.

“There’s something about the fear of the immortal, the fear of a guy who knows the woods like the back of his hand,” said Padalecki. “There’s something amazing about camping and going for a hike. As soon as that sun goes down, you go, ‘man, if someone’s out here in the woods, they could just toy with me.’ Ultimately that, (Jason’s) size and a big old blade — it’s all pretty frightening.”