A youth basketball team will have to do more fundraising after Superstore took a 25 per cent cut of an event, the team’s coach says.

The girls under-16 provincial team spent several hours bagging customers’ groceries at the Young Street Superstore Saturday so it could travel to a summer basketball tournament. At the end of the day it raised $485.

The team said it was told beforehand Superstore would take 10 per cent for its charity, the President’s Choice Children’s Charity, but at the end of the day an employee said the store would actually take 25 per cent.


“I think pretty well everyone was (surprised),” said team coach Lezlie States. “They said that’s what they do. At that point we had already finished for the day so there wasn’t much we could do about it.”

Superstore ended up taking $120 of the money the girls raised, States said, adding the team would have to do more fundraising to make up for that amount — but it won’t be doing it at Superstore.

“We had previously used them and they didn’t take anything off,” said States. “I don’t know when that started.”

Loblaws, the company that owns Superstore, did not return phone calls to Metro Halifax yesterday.


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