Rob Barnett, founder and CEO of MyDamnChannel, explains how their site keeps the financial gears greased.


“We have three different revenue streams; the first is advertising, which is split into two camps — display advertising and branded entertainment. The second category is the licensing of the last three years of our content to every digital platform that will pay us,” he says. “The third revenue stream will kick in in the fourth quarter of this year: paid programming.”


The format of the three to five minute sketch has been a success for MyDamnChannel — notably David Wain’s Wainy Days series and You Suck At Photoshop. But the sketch is the least revolutionary element to online comedy.


Just ask a veteran, who was doing it before the Internet even existed, actor and comedian Michael Showalter. Showalter has recently launched a comedy series called The Making Of … on


“We were just making the videos for ourselves and showing them live to an audience,” he says of his early sketches. “Then somewhere along the way, they kind of got picked up on the Internet, but we weren’t at any point making them for the Internet.”