Rob Ford now holds a commanding lead in the mayoral race, taking 37.6 per cent of the decided vote in a recent poll released Thursday.

Numbers from Pollstra Research show George Smitherman’s campaign seems to have stalled; once neck-and-neck with Ford, he came second with 28.7 per cent, while Joe Pantalone was third with 15.5 per cent. Rounding out the poll was Sarah Thomson (10.3 per cent) and Rocco Rossi (7.9 per cent).

But the good news for Ford may be tempered by the tongue-lashing he got the same day from Mayor David Miller and a chorus of councillors and candidates, who chastised Ford for his unsupported allegations that city hall is corrupt.

“If there’s a single piece of evidence or even a hint of something that Councillor Ford thinks is improper,” he should take it to the city’s auditor general and integrity commissioner, Miller told reporters.

Ford was quoted in a local newspaper as saying that the recent award of an untendered 20-year contract to Boardwalk Pub operator Tuggs Inc. “stinks to high heaven.”

He referred specifically to closed-doors discussions, called “in-camera” meetings, alleging, “These in-camera meetings, there’s more corruption and skullduggery going on in there than I’ve ever seen in my life.”