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Suri’s girly sartorial habits

My, how she’s growing!

My, how she’s growing!

Suri Cruise, 3, retained her chic child status Monday, sporting a pair of high heels while shopping with mom Katie Holmes in Boston (where Tom Cruise is shooting his new action comedy, Wichita), usmagazine.com reports.

“Suri’s very much like her mother,” Cruise told Hello! magazine last year. “She will not wear trousers, only dresses. I put a pair of trousers on her and turn and leave the room and straight away the trousers are off and a dress is on instead!

“The other day, Kate showed her some gold-coloured sneakers thinking she might like to wear them, and she looked at them and said, ‘Oh mommy, these are lovely, but they’re boy shoes,’” he added. “She’s sweet, but she’s very strong-willed — just like her mother.”

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