Surprisingly, the Jeremy Lin-Kim Kardashian dating rumors are false

We know, we were disappointed too.

There are times, children, when things in life are too good to be true. A promising job interview, a heart-quickening first date, a mouth-watering meal -- within each lurks the ability to swiftly disappoint us, leaving us heartbroken and lost.


So it was with the rumors that Kim Kardashian was going to go on a date with Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. We had it all planned out! Nickname brainstorming sessions! Inappropriate jokes about Kris Humphries! Hashtag #Kimsanity!


But alas, as our friend Tim Herrera of amNewYork discovered, it was not to be:

A rep for Kim Kardashian unequivally shot down rumors floating on the Internets today that she and Jeremy Lin were set to go on a double-date with Carmelo Anthony and his wife.

"Absolutely 100% NOT true. Someone made that story up!" Jill Fritzo told amNewYork. She wouldn't elaborate on how the rumor got started.

We weep, not just for ourselves, but for all the SEO keywords that will never be born.

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