But construction disruption a mistake: Mayor

Almost nine out of 10 people who responded to an online survey about the Millennium Line expansion said they or someone in their family will use the line once it’s completed.



Mayor Sam Sullivan said participants also indicated they want protection for local businesses to prevent the disruption seen along Cambie Street for the Canada Line construction.



Suzanne Anton said yesterday the survey revealed that the public and city have the same priorities.

"The extreme disruption to the businesses along the Canada Line was a mistake that we did not want to repeat," she said.

As a result, council passed a resolution not to do cut and cover construction as was done along Cambie Street.

In January, the province announced its plan to construct a $2.8 billion rapid transit line along the Broadway corridor to the University of B.C.

Buses along the busy route are so full that they regularly have to pass by crowded bus stops.

The city posted a survey online from November, 2007 to Jan. 31, 2008, the results of which were released Saturday.

Of the nearly 900 people who responded, 48 per cent said they’d no longer use the existing bus service and 28 per cent would leave their car at home.


  • Construction of the UBC line will start after the 2010 Games.

  • The line is expected to take about 10,000 cars off the road.