One in five Nova Scotians say they smoke either every day or occasionally, according to the 2008 Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey released Thursday by Health Canada.

The survey says 20 per cent of Nova Scotians over the age of 15 smoke, two points ahead of the national average and five behind British Columbia, which sports the lowest level in Canada at 15 per cent.

The figure for Nova Scotia is the same from the CTUMS’ 2007 survey, and nine per cent below one taken in 1999.


Still, Smoke-Free Nova Scotia is concerned with these latest results, saying the province’s smoking results have “levelled off” and the government needs to increase its efforts in reducing tobacco use – which they can do by spending more money.

“We need to expand prevention programs, to deter young people from starting to smoke, and cessation programs that help people currently smoke to stop,” Smoke-Free Nova Scotia spokeswoman Sharon MacIntosh said in a release.

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