A new poll shows residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality continue to be in favour of breaking into two municipalities, one for urban residents and one for rural areas.


The Corporate Research Associates poll released Friday had support for dividing the municipality into two units at 51 per cent. About one third of the 407 adults polled opposed the idea (36 per cent), while the rest (13 per cent) did not offer a response.


The results, which are accurate within 4.9 percentage points, or 95 times out of 100, are nearly identical to an earlier study from November.


Urban residents were found to be slightly more in favour of the split than rural residents.


Another new CRA poll shows that people are happy with council and Mayor Peter Kelly overall, but are less happy with specific issues.

When asked generally if they were satisfied with their municipal government, 66 per cent said they were, with only 24 per cent dissatisfied. Council also scored well on the issue of crime and public safety.

However council scored negatively for most other issues. Less than half of residents said council performs well in public transportation, downtown development and property taxes.

The lowest-rated issues were traffic congestion (56 per cent rated council poorly) and conditions of streets and roads (74 per cent negative rating).