Although the butt of many jokes, Surrey is the third best-run city in Canada according to a recent survey.

According to an Atlantic Institute of Market Studies survey published in Maclean’s Magazine, Surrey is behind only Burnaby and Saskatoon.

Vancouver ranked fourth, shining a spotlight on the Lower Mainland.

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts said that the days of the “Surrey joke” are gone.

“I don’t think the city gets a negative image anymore, I think that’s pretty passé,” said Watts.

“We’ve certainly moved forward over the past number of years, changing the course of the city from becoming a suburb to the second metropolitan core of the region.”

She admitted there were growing pains, but the efforts are paying off.

Surrey scored a number of A+ grades in the rankings, including one for police services costs per capita, average between 2005-2007.

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