Yoga, deep breathing and wine are just a few of the many ways to make life less stressful. But this time of year, smartphones get the credit for being the best stress-reliever -- at least, for moms of school-aged children.

A recent survey shows that 85 percent of moms say "their smartphone definitely eases the back-to-school strain, making this time of year less stressful overall."

Moms of all ages said their phones (whether basic or smart) ease their stress during this time of year: 89 percent younger than 35 vs. 85 percent 35-44 vs. 83 percent older than 45.

But the back-to-school season isn't the only time moms are glad to have their handy smartphones -- nearly nine in 10 smartphone-owning mothers of school-aged kids (87 percent) admitted that having a smartphone has made being a mother, in general, easier for them.


This information comes from a survey called "Moms Go Back-To-School with Mobile" by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Meredith's Parents Network, a parenthood media company that includes Parents and American Baby.

"Back-to-school is the busiest and most stressful time of year for moms -- and now, more than ever before, Millennial moms are using their smartphones to help make their lives run smoother," Carey Witmer, executive vice president of Meredith Parents Network, said in a statement. "They pursue the information they want and need, everywhere they go, every time of the day."

The survey also unveiled a trend regarding "mobile-intense" moms. It's often moms of preschool-aged children who are quick to take out their camera phones to snap a pic of their child (56 percent), more so than mothers of elementary (44 percent) and high school kids (33 percent).

Mothers of preschoolers are also more likely than moms of older children to plan their family's calendar on a mobile device and share information on social networks.

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