The change in seasons can wreak havoc on your hair and skin.


The lack of humidity in the air can strip away moisture from any available source, causing dull, dry and itchy skin and hair issues such as split ends and static. However, it’s easy to stay summer fresh as the temperature drops by using the key beauty essentials already in your makeup kit.


When your skin is depleted of moisture it can become flaky and itchy. Avoid harsh scrubs and soaps and keep skin moist with a cream-based cleanser and a rich moisturizer.


Choose a cream such as Pond’s Dry Skin Cream — without harsh, irritating chemicals — that is designed for dehydrated and sensitive skin and deep overnight hydration.

Next, revive your dry summer locks with a polished coif. Attempt to leave more time between washes, so that the natural oils in your hair can prevent dryness. When washing, follow this simple routine.

Freshen up your look

The bright and iridescent makeup shades and beachy tousled hair that worked during the summer months can look passé for fall.

Update your look with a refined autumn beauty regime — focusing on a darker makeup palette, full brows and a polished lip shade — using the high-impact beauty tools already in your makeup bag.

Mix up your liner routine by switching to a deeper and darker shade utilizing your favourite eyeshadow.

Finish with clump-free lashes.

And do your best to put your summer look behind you.