Vancouver police have apprehended a man suspected of assaulting a number of women in the downtown area.

An image of the suspect was released early Thursday and he was picked up after allegedly committing an assault on the 1100 block of Davie Street before noon.

“A city worker saw a man aggressively panhandling and it was disturbing because he was reaching out and grabbing people,” said Vancouver police spokesperson Const. Jana McGuinness.

“He called police right away, our members arrived, and they recognized the man and made a connection to the man in the photo and arrested him.”

The man might also be connected to a pair of assaults that took place near SkyTrain stations.

Sgt. Tom Seaman of the Transit police said the situation is still under investigation, but they believe that the suspect is connected to those attacks.

Early Thursday, Vancouver police warned the public that a man was approaching women between the ages of 24-40, asking for some kind of assistance. Some of the incidents turned violent with verbal abuse, while other instances involved physical abuse.