A 21-year-old woman living in Guelph who was wanted by police in connection with “thousands of dollars in damage” during the G20 summit has turned herself in to Peterborough police.

Sgt. Nancy Loucks of Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service told the Toronto Star that Kelly Pflug-Back turned herself in yesterday.

She was set to be transported to a holding cell after she was finished being interviewed last night, Loucks said.

Pflug-Back was identified at a news conference as a suspect who faces six counts of mischief over $5,000, said Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux.

Giroux alleged that Pflug-Back is an organizer and someone who gave orders to other demonstrators. Police allege the photographs show the suspect “in and out of her black clothing.”

She is accused in attacks on a police car occupied by Const. Graham Queen and stores on Yonge Street, including a McDonald’s and Urban Outfitters, and a CIBC on College Street, he said.

In an interview with a blog June 21, Pflug-Back described herself as a grassroots anti-poverty activist for Sense of Security, a Guelph organization that provides food, shelter and aid for people in need, as well as advocacy for people who need legal aid.

Pflug-Back was one of several new suspects identified by police in connection with their investigation into damage during demonstrations on downtown streets while world leaders met behind fences and barricades at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.