The man who captured Allan Schoenborn near Merritt believes the 40-year-old fugitive — the only suspect in the murder of his three children — wanted to be caught.
“He was just laid up there, looking for the morning sun,” recounted Kim Robinson yesterday morning. “Just laying in the grass. Waiting for the sun and for someone to find him and bring him in.”
Robinson, a 51-year-old hunter and guide, captured Schoenborn Wednesday morning after a local man spotted him and flagged Robinson down.
Robinson, who had a cellphone and who had been searching for Schoenborn, said the man wasn’t hiding; he was curled up in the grass and was in bad shape.
“He was just like a broken guy,” Robinson said. “He didn’t eat. He didn’t drink much. I gave him two bottles of water and he just pounded them right down.”
Robinson, who has hunted around Merritt for the past 30 years, said Schoenborn had no supplies when he found him and likely hugged his dog, a German shepherd-cross named Van Gogh, for warmth during the nights.
“He obviously didn’t eat nothing. His dog would have had the brains to eat some grass and stuff.”