A government agency is launching a $377,000 advertising campaign to ask people to think about reducing energy.

Launched yesterday, Conserve Nova Scotia’s series of online and television ads feature renowned environmentalist David Suzuki, who offered to appear in the commercials for free, spokeswoman Karen White said.

The first advertisement in the three-part series shows a group of children in a playhouse with Suzuki.


The children express surprise and concern that their parents are not conserving energy.

The second and third ads will air in the summer and fall.

The Ontario government originally created the ads. Suzuki volunteered to appear in them at no charge and invited other provinces to use them.

White said the price tag costs includes customizing the ads for Nova Scotia — such as editing voiceovers and logos — talent fees, usage rights and 18 weeks of airtime. Alberta and New Brunswick also did the same.

Conserve Nova Scotia says research shows the ads are effective. It says about 30 per cent of surveyed consumers recalled the energy conservation message, and 79 per cent recalled Suzuki.

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