Police believe a bomb found in a southwest residence yesterday may have been made to target an ex-boyfriend — or his new girlfriend.

Around 10:40 a.m., police responded to a report from a neighbour of a possible explosive device inside a home on Woodridge Terrace.

The area was cordoned off.

Nearby residences were evacuated.

A “small” explosive device was located inside the house and a woman was arrested, said Duty Insp. Rob Williams.

“We’re interviewing her to determine who made this for her because I don’t think she did,” he said.

Cheri Cartwright said the woman “seemed like a good person,” but had recently gone through a bad breakup and lost her two children to social services.

“That they actually found a real bomb really scares me a whole bunch,” Cartwright added.

Sadia Yar, who lives two doors over in the same four-plex where the bomb was found, said she had never noticed anything suspicious.

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