Victims bilked out of about $3M

All it took was a dozen eggs and a magic trick for "Roshanbhai" to convince people he was a spiritual healer who could fix their family, health and business problems — and help them win the lottery.



The catch? They had to fork over money for a special ceremony, in some cases more than $100,000.



After the smooth-talking self-proclaimed swami was done, the egg was on the faces of his victims, scores of whom were bilked out of about $3 million in total before he fled to Mumbai last month.

Though it sounds far-fetched, Roshanbhai — real name Mohammad Umar Ashrafi, 43 — left dozens of people in the GTA embarrassed and broke.

Peel police have issued arrest warrants for Ashrafi and his sidekick, Latafat Ali Khan, 36. Both are Indian nationals.

About 40 people have filed complaints so far, but police believe the actual number of victims is well above 100 here, with possibly hundreds more in the U.S.

same scam in U.S.

  • Police believe Ashrafi has pulled the same scam in Texas, California, New Jersey and Illinois, as far back as 1997.