Grouse Grind virgins, this could be your summer.

North Vancouver’s aptly named 853-metre vertical trail is open for hikers looking to sweat their way to the top for a bird’s eye view of the Lower Mainland and a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Dave Norona, professional adventurer and Metro’s outdoors columnist, says the trail is in great shape. Are you?

“The Grind has steep steps. It’s basically like doing lunges for an hour because the steps are almost as twice as big as the ones in your apartment,” Norona said.

First-timers should expect to complete the hike in about two hours, although the record is just under 30 minutes. The café on the peak is a great motivational boost.

“It’s always nice to get the workout, enjoy the view on top, and maybe even grab a beer or coffee before taking the tram down,” Norona said. “It really gives you that great sense of accomplishment.”

While Norona said he understands hikers’ excitement for the Grind, he suggested training in less challenging trails that are offered in UBC or Stanley Park.