Surrey pool allows birthday suits

jeff hodson/metro vancouver


Paul Andreassen, president of Skinnydippers Services, lounges at home yesterday.

For those who prefer their birthday suit to a swimsuit, nude swimming is back at the Newton Wave Pool in Surrey.

Skinnydipper Services, a group hosting recreation events "for the naturist world," rented out the pool for a nude swim on Saturday after a five-year hiatus.

"It’s a family activity. People of all ages are there, it’s very liberating," said Paul Andreassen, president of Skinnydipper Services. "The feeling of getting out of a pool without a wet swimsuit on is hard to describe without experiencing it."

The nude swim was the first in five years at the Newton Wave Pool after the Surrey Parks Board banned them, citing a bylaw.

"They said no one was allowed to use the pool without appropriate clothing," Andreassen recalled.

His group took legal action against the parks board, and the case wound up in the B.C. Supreme Court in October 2007.

The court ruled in favour of the skinny dippers, saying the bylaw was illegal.


  • Lifeguards who feel uncomfortable at the nude swims aren’t forced to work.

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