Influenza A (H1N1), also known as swine flu, snuck its way into the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo before it wrapped up last night.

Marketing manager Thomas Grotrian confirmed a female dancer from Nova Scotia caught the virus, and was recovering at home. Six other participants in this year’s show also reported “flu-like symptoms” and were put in isolation at Windsor Park, he said.

“The advice that we’ve received from the medical professionals is that there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about,” Grotrian said yesterday afternoon. “We’re looking forward to a fantastic final show.”


The final performance was scheduled for 7:30 p.m. last night at the Halifax Metro Centre.

Grotrian said a flu outbreak among Tattoo cast and crew members isn’t out of the ordinary, explaining it’s affectionately called “the Tattoo crud.”

“They’re surviving on small hours of sleep and (are in) close proximity,” he said. “It’s inevitable that we get flu – this year it happens to have a name.”

Grotian said 450 members of the Canadian Forces are now being assessed for flu symptoms, with the same service being offered to about 300 others from foreign military contingents.

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