The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency is about half-way through the 10-year cleanup of the coke ovens and tar ponds sites, but less than one-fifth of the budget has been spent.

Those numbers are expected to change later this year as several large contracts are awarded, including the largest one — expected to be about $50 million — for the solidification and stabilization of the former industrial lands.

Several smaller projects, including capping of the former cooling pond and construction of the materials handling facility, have been completed or are underway. Recently, roads have been built around the tar ponds and work on the sites should be steady now for the next five years.

A contract for $37.6 million was recently awarded to MB2 Construction and Beaver Marine.

Since the cleanup’s start in April 2004, the overall project has cost $71,187,657, or 18 per cent of the $400-million budget, and has generated almost 390 full-time equivalent jobs.

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