36% feel city more dangerous than last year

Hundreds of GTA residents feel their city is less safe now than it was a year ago, a new survey says.

Angus Reid Strategies, a polling and market research firm, conducted an online survey of 458 random GTA residents and asked: "All things considered, would you say your municipality is safer, less safe or just as safe as a year ago?"


The result: 36 per cent feel their municipality is less safe today. When the same question was asked of 1,004 adults from elsewhere in Canada, only 25 per cent felt the same way.

Craig Worden, vice-president of public affairs with Angus, said the results may be due to increased media attention on crime in the GTA.

"Regardless of what the stats are on crime, a media spotlight on crime will increase fears ... to the point that they are greater than the actual threat," he said.

just as safe

  • Of the GTA residents surveyed, only six per cent felt their city was safer than it was a year ago, while 52 per cent thought it was just as safe.

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