LUPEC Tiki Bash
Saturday, 7 p.m.
Villa Victoria Center for the Arts
85 W. Newton St., Boston
MBTA: Green Line E to Prudential
$35-$45, 617-927-1735

LUPEC, a women’s club dedicated to preserving the cocktail, will be resurrecting one of the most amusing phenomena of ‘50s culture, the Tiki Bar, for a night of ukulele (featuring Uke Springsteen, who may or may not work at this paper), burlesque, hula lessons, tiny umbrellas, and all other manner of tacky faux-tropical silliness. All proceeds go to On the Rise, a charity that helps women in dire straights.


Boston International Fine Arts Show
Friday through Sunday
The Cyclorama at the Boston Center for The Arts
539 Tremont St., Boston
MBTA: Green Line to Boylston
$15, 617-363-0405

If your artistic taste is less concerned with giant robot suits, this convention might be more up your alley (though let’s face it, you all know you wanna meet Spock too). There will be 40 galleries of art, from modern head-scratchers to traditional depictions of landscapes and ships and stuff. The Show also includes several guest speakers; it’ll all be very intellectual and high-society.

‘Sleep No More’
Through Jan. 3
Old Lincoln School
194 Boylston St., Brookline
MBTA: Green D Line to Brookline Village
$39, 617-547-8300

Part “Macbeth,” part Hitchcock, and part haunted house, this production by Punchdrunk, a British theatre company, takes place in the abandoned Old Lincoln School. The audience walks freely from room to room, watching actors play out the scenes as if they’re actually happening. You’ll hardly find any reviews of it that don’t describe it as like walking in a dream.

Aimee Bender
Saturday, 6 p.m.
Brookline Booksmith
279 Harvard St., Brookline
MBTA: Green Line C to Coolidge Corner
Free, 617-566-6660

We could say this author’s short stories combine the surreal and real in surprising ways, revealing the banality of the bizarre and the strangeness of the familiar, OR we could just give you the Cliff’s Notes and say they’re really cool. She’ll be reading from her new novella, “The Third Elevator”, and of course signing stuff.


Boston Common Frog Pond Opening Celebration
Thursday, 5:30 p.m.
Boston Common Frog Pond
Beacon and Walnut St., Boston
MBTA: Green or Red Line to Park Street
Free, 617-635-2120

Despite having grown up here, we New Englanders are still famously bitter about our lousy weather, but even the depths of winter have silver linings- ice skating, for example. Next week’s opening ceremonies for the Frog Pond include demonstrations by competitive figure skaters and, most importantly, free admission! Go ahead, take your Rockefeller Center rink, New York, we’re just fine up here.


Golden Girls

Friday, 8 p.m.

Gay Gardens

10 Greylock Rd., Allston

MBTA: Green Line to Allston St.

Boston was a little late with this
whole lo-fi punk-pop phenomenon, but now our fair city is producing
some of the best the genre has to offer. Take for example the
Worcester-based Golden Girls’ “Total Bummer,” a powerpop gem that
sounds like Cheap Trick from hell recorded to a Fisher-Price tape deck,
the singer lurching from hilarious falsetto to punk screams perfectly.


Bob Dylan
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 7:30 p.m. each night
Wang Theatre
270 Tremont St., Boston
MBTA: Green Line to Boyslton
$51-81, 617-482-9393

Bob Dylan put out a Christmas album recently, and it’s cheesy as hell, which of course was the perfect artistic decision, because his voice sounds so incredibly guttural and crusty, it’s like the Grim Reaper, dressed in a Santa suit, and every time he hums a bar some poor urchin child dies in a snow-banked alley. Ho ho ho!

Shonen Knife
Sunday, 9 p.m.
Great Scott
1222 Comm. Ave., Allston
MBTA: Green Line B to Harvard Ave.
$12, 18+, 617-566-9014

Shonen Knife are an all-female, impossibly cute-sounding Ramones-style punk-pop band from Japan, and indeed they seem so pure in their intent, they could only have come from Japan. They’ve been around since the 1980s, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at them, and they’ve been loved by many an American punk tastemaker, Thurston Moore and Kurt Cobain among them.

Brand New
Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.
House of Blues
15 Lansdowne St., Boston
MBTA: Green Line to Kenmore
$25-35, 888-693-2583

Don’t expect these Long Island emo icons to play anything from “Your Favorite Weapon,” their Morrissey via Blink-182 punk-pop debut that endeared them to thousands of fans who’ve since been dropping off like flies as BN got progressively heavier, bleaker, and at this point, kinda scary. If they do play one of those early tunes, they’re throwing you a bone. Be gracious and chew on it


‘The Confessional’
Thursday, 9 p.m.
Kendall Square Landmark Theatre
1 Kendall Sq., Cambridge
MBTA: Red Line to Kendall/MIT
$10, 617-499-1996

This is the local premier of a creepy, impossibly low-budget horror film about a new priest in town with a disturbing air and an equally disturbing hobby of whittling. As cheap as the film looks, there’s something uniquely unsettling about it, almost assisted by its imperfections. The guy who plays the priest does a really good blank sociopath’s stare too.

‘The Bicycle Thief’
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (check site for times)
Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St., Cambridge
MBTA: Red Line to Harvard
$10, 617-876-6837

1948, war-ravaged Rome: a man gets his Bike stolen, and this time he’s just not gonna stand for it- he needs that thing for work, and he needs to work to support his family, damn it. So he sets off with his son to take down the thief — it’s kind of like “Taken”, but with a bike. Considered a total freakin’ masterpiece and a classic example of the Italian neo-realist genre.

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