Do you struggle to fit everything, not to mention everyone, into your home? Meeting your family’s growing needs can be a challenge, especially with several generations — and lifestyles — under one roof. But there is good news. Consider a renovation project this spring. Think how you can increase your living and storage space, while making your home more comfortable and saving money.

Taking a thorough look at different parts of your house will help you identify areas that are underutilized. Re-organize them into functional and comfortable living spaces. For example, consider adding a sunroom or an extra den for your teenage daughter or son. Or, how about a family room, a game room, an additional quiet bedroom or even a workshop? Thinking creatively about your home, you can add comfort and save money, while meeting the interests and needs of every member of your family.

“Maximizing the productively used space in your home, you not only improve your comfort and quality of life, but you also increase the overall value of your house,” says David Flood, insulation expert at Owens Corning.


To begin, always make sure the areas you are planning to renovate have adequate insulation. From the attic to the basement to the game room to a sunroom addition, there’s an energy-saving PINK insulation product for every renovation project in your house.

Owens Corning recommends installing INSULPINK insulation batts for your basement walls, while QuietZone acoustic batts can help minimize noise.

In addition, adequate insulation is a great way to ensure you are maximizing the energy efficiency in your home, and can help you save on energy bills. And, last but not least, with PINK insulation products, made from recycled content, you will help turn waste into useable products.

For more savings, there are federal, provincial and some municipal governments that offer funding for homeowners who complete energy efficient renovations. Some energy utilities offer additional funding.

With all these reasons to expand your living space, stop waiting and start insulating. More information on grants and incentives can be found online at

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