Mike Mozart/Flickr

On Thursday, Taco Bell is giving away Crunchwraps until 11 a.m. local time, coast to coast.

Before the World Series, Taco Bell offered everyone a free morning Crunchwrap for breakfast if any player stole a base during the Series, which Kansas City outfielder Lorenzo Cain did during Game 1, according to a report in NJ.com, which added that the fast food chain is making good on its promise and will be handing out free Crunchwraps, a combination item consisting of eggs, cheese, hash browns and “breakfast meat,” until 11 a.m.

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After the Royals’ Game 1 win, Cain himself referenced Taco Bell’s offer on Twitter, the NJ reported claimed, quoting the player: “I need my Taco Bell before bed. Who wants Taco Bell? It's on me."