More money promised if Liberals elected

Ben Lemphers/for metro edmonton


Liberal Leader Kevin Taft plays ball during a visit to the Children’s Academy Centre for Early Childhood Development, in Mill Woods yesterday.

If the Alberta Liberals are elected, Alberta child-care workers will get a big pay raise to address the industry labour shortage, party leader Kevin Taft said yesterday.

Taft revealed the party’s Action Plan for Child Care outlining the call to hike child-care workers wages by 15 to 30 per cent, depending on the worker’s level, which would vary between $2 and $5 more an hour.

"The labour shortage crisis facing child-care centres is critical and we can’t add new centres if we can’t get workers to fill them," Taft told reporters at Edmonton’s Children’s Academy day-care centre.

"You know it’s bad when a child-care worker can walk across the street and make more money serving donuts and coffee. Our children are worth more than serving donuts and the Liberals know that," he added.

Edmonton-Millwoods MLA Weslyn Mather was also on hand at the announcement she helped spearhead.

"We are in a crisis. Alberta can afford to invest in child care. Alberta can’t afford not to," Mather said.

In Calgary yesterday, NDP Leader Brian Mason reacted to fiscal news showing the province’s quarterly surplus jumped to to $4.2 billion.

"The government finds itself billions of dollars richer due to high tax revenues," said Mason. "There is no reason we can’t scrap health-care premiums right away, rather than wait four years as Ed Stelmach proposes."

Conservative Leader Ed Stelmach yesterday proposed a series of initiatives to lure science and research activity to Alberta through tax credits.

the plan

  • The Liberals would improve wages to help retain and train quality staff, forgive student loans for those who remain in Alberta as child-care workers for more than three years and increase funding for child-care operators.

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