It may be full of G20 protesters in a few weeks, but starting on Wednesday, Queen’s Park will be transformed into Rainbow City; a cityscape of inflatable buildings, bounce houses and colourful displays.

The city is being erected as part of Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity, which takes place until Sunday, June 20. The arts collective FriendsWithYou created the city, and admission is free to the public.

Metro recently spoke to the colourful King of Rainbow City — who will visit the streets of the Toronto to invite people to see his city — to find out more about this place where anything is possible.

Q. What is rainbow city?

A. It’s the most magical place in the universe, where everything is colourful and happy. I was born from a star and have travelled the universe to dance and play with everyone in the world. I travel from place to place growing my magical and colorful city for people to come and join me.

Q. What will people find in rainbow city?

A. Happiness! Adventure! Wishes come true! Once you enter, you become a part of Rainbow City and all your friends will join you in the fun. We expect all visitors to be coated in a candy swirl smile from that moment on.

Q. Why is having fun important?

A. What else is there to do? I make sure that everyday I find time to play.

Q. What are some of the perks of being the king?

A. Dancing all day and playing forever! I get to always make new friends, one by one. I love to make people smile and dance and I want to turn everything into rainbows — including people.

Q. What is your job as king?

A. I love to play with everyone, and I love to make everything beautiful with all of my friends. I never looked at this birthright, but as a job. I just give my love and energy to the world and keep on dancing.

Q. Are you related to the Wizard of Oz?

A. He says he is my new best friend and he wants to go to Planet Zubon with me next weekend.

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