No plans this weekend? Good, you¹re taking me on a daytrip to one of the best towns in this province.


Damn! Can't go. Soccer and family are keeping me from drinking Creemore Springs Brewery¹s delicious suds at the source this weekend, at their Copper Kettle Festival, held on Main Street in the picturesque hamlet.


The fun stars Saturday at 8 a.m., but the beer garden starts serving at 1 p.m. There¹s wagon rides and live music, including Paris Hilton performing her smash hit Stars Are Blind (you¹d have to drink yourself deaf if that were true).

To get to Creemore, head north on Airport Road, 20 minutes past Hwy. 89.

for more information and a map.

You lucky dog, you.

Niagara is Best: Congrats to Niagara's Best Beer in St. Catharines for winning the best label design award for their Best Blonde Ale, awarded by the Canadian Brewerianist Society. (beer memorabilia collectors). Not too shabby. Their beer is decent, too.

Say What?: This downstairs pub won best GTA draught beer bar last weekend at the fourth annual Golden Tap Awards, an online vote organized by The Bar Towel's Cass Enright ( It is the awards' only four-time winner.

And the winner is ...

"C'est What," Enright begins, "has been a local beer supporter for a long time. They always have a lot of Ontario and Quebec beers as well, which lends to the good will people have for them in the city."

"I wasn¹t surprised at all."

Plus, Ralph Morana's Volo Caffé, Caffé Volo or Volo (Yonge, north of Wellesley)-- you decide -- unseated a bottle powerhouse, three-time winner Smokeless Joe's (Richmond and John), as the GTA¹s best bottle bar.

"It¹s nice to see Volo win because they've had a dramatic change as a bar," Enright says. "Ralph makes a personal effort to bring private orders in the city," unmatched by almost every bar in the city, Enright says.

Man, the Italians are winning everything this year.

Meanwhile, Mill Street Brewery took best GTA microbrewery and GTA-produced beer-- Tankhouse Ale-- for the third straight year. "They make beers that appeal to a wide audience and to serious connoisseurs," Enright says.

Newcomer Beau's All Natural Brewing Company won top beer of the night with its delicious Lug Tread Lagered Ale "Kolsch-Bock." More than 500 votes were made on Enright's website. The awards were presented at Beerbistro (King Street East and Yonge).

Other Taps winners:

  • Best Ontario (non-GTA) beer bar: Augusta's Winking Judge, Hamilton

  • Best Ontario brewpub or tied house: Granite Brewery, Toronto

  • Best Ontario (non-GTA) microbrewery: Wellington Brewery, Guelph

  • Best Ontario-produced (non-GTA) beer: Scotch-Irish Sgt. Major's IPA, Ottawa Sláinte!


Granite’s Beer Cocktails
Get a growler ofale from the Golden Tap’s 2006 best brew house winner, or visit and order one in their fine restaurant (southeast corner of Eglinton and Bayview).

Amber and Tan: Best Bitter mixed with an equal amount of Peculiar.

Black and Tan: Best Bitter topped with an equal amount of Keefe’s Irish Stout.

Shandy: Best Bitter topped with an equal amount of lemon soda.