Jennifer Lopez was able to temporarily block the release of a sex tape her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, is threatening to release. The singer, who allegedly is walking around in skimpy underwear — among other activities — in the 11 hours of footage, can breathe easy for now, but her story is a lesson on recording your erotic escapades, says New York-based therapist Rachel Sussman.


“Couples in the privacy of their own bedrooms can do anything they want,” says Sussman, a licensed sex and couples counselor. “But once you put something down on tape, or a photo, you really have to ask yourself, ‘What might happen if I divorce this person or break up, and they have this info?’”


If you must record, Sussman advises destroying the tape after viewing. After all, a leaked tape isn’t just embarrassing to movie stars and Congressmen.