Post-secondary education is never cheap, yet a wealth of available scholarships, grants and bursaries could take some of the financial burden off of your educational journey. that tracks Canadian scholarships currently lists details for 23,885 scholarships offered by educational institutions throughout Canada, and not all of them are based strictly off of your grades.

Once you’ve got your resume polished, here are some tips to get you ready for some web-surfing and letter-writing in your search for educational cash:


Distinguish yourself
Many scholarships are originally created to help students who either have specific personal qualities (like background, economic level or grade point average) or are entering a specific field of study, so make sure you keep in mind what makes you special as you apply for scholarships.

Spread the net wide
Spend as much time as you can spare conducting your scholarship search — there are thousands of available scholarships, each one usually carrying unique requirements for candidacy and aimed at distinctly different demographics of potential student.

Every little bit helps
While everyone dreams of snatching those rare, large scholarships worth thousands of dollars, there are many more small scholarships readily available that offer sizeable funds and are much easier to compete for.

Hit the target
Here are some helpful places to start your search:

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