Between the cold weather, road salt and challenging driving conditions, winter takes a toll on your car. So when spring arrives, it’s important to take some time to pamper your vehicle and get ready for warm-weather driving.


“De-winterizing your car and having a spring check-up can help extend the life of your vehicle,” says Michelle Massicotte, associate vice president of car care and accessories at Canadian Tire.


“Have a technician check your car to identify any required maintenance and repair — it will save you money and frustration later on.”


In addition to a spring tune-up, experts at Canadian Tire suggest these car care tips to prepare for spring driving:

Change Tires
Winter tires can wear out quickly if left on in warm weather, so replace your winter tires with all-season tires as soon as spring arrives. It’s also important to have your tires balanced and aligned to ensure a smooth ride.

Wash Car Exterior
Make sure your spring cleaning includes a thorough car wash. Salt and sand that accumulate on your car could lead to corrosion and rust if left un-washed, so pay attention to the undercarriage of the car where salt and grime can cause the most damage.


Replace Wiper Blades
Wiper blades that leave streaks or a film on the windshield should be replaced to maintain good visibility, which is critical to safe driving. Experts at Canadian Tire suggest replacing wiper blades every six months and choosing the right wipers for your vehicle and driving conditions.

Check Oil and Fluids
Fluids such as oil, coolant and transmission fluid should be checked and topped up regularly to keep your car running smoothly. You can change the fluids yourself or take your car to an auto service centre and let the professionals do it.

Performing proper car maintenance will help prolong the life of your vehicle and keep it running safely and reliably. More hints and products to help shift your car into spring can be found online at