When The Sopranos first aired in January 1999, nobody could have predicted its phenomenal success. Six seasons and 86 shows later, it was recently voted the best TV show of the previous decade.

The final episode aired more than two years ago, but show fans still flock to New York for the Sopranos tour and take in Tony’s favourite mob spots.

I joined them for a fascinating trip around New Jersey and New York.


As the tour begins we’re treated to a visit from Vito Spatafore, played by Joseph Gannascoli.

“You’ll love the tour,” he says, before adding a gangsterish “No-one ever complains”.

With that we head off into the Lincoln Tunnel and, with the show’s music ringing in our ears, we go under the Hudson River and into New Jersey, home of Tony Soprano.

First stop is at a diner under the Pulaski Skyway where Tony’s protégé, Christopher Moltisanti, was shot in a botched assassination attempt.

Holsten co-owner Chris Carley says: “To this day people come in here and ask us, what the heck happened?”

The tour, operated by On Location Tours (screentours.com; tickets $42, 212-209-3370) finishes at the Satin Dolls club in Lodi, otherwise known to Sopranos viewers as the Bada Bing club.

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