With more riders getting on the GO every year, the regional transit agency is rethinking the way commuters get to the GO.

It hopes to double, to 35 per cent, the number of customers who bike, walk or ride local buses to their GO station by 2020.

Over the past 12 years, the number of GO riders who drive to stations has increased to 67 per cent from 54 per cent. For every 100 commuters, 65 cars use station parking, although some of them transport more than one person.

GO wants to cut that number to 50 per 100.

The increase reflects GO’s growing ridership and the spreading catchment areas of many stations, as well as social changes such as higher per capita car ownership in some parts of the Toronto area, said GO transit planner Jennifer Niece. A report before its board Thursday says GO will use several methods to make it easier for riders to leave the car at home.

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