Few areas offer greater reason for optimism than what can be broadly defined as the digital economy, said Minister of Industry Tony Clement yesterday.

“That’s because the effective adoption of information and communications technologies dramatically increases an economy’s ability to innovate. It transforms products, processes, and business models,” he said.

“It accelerates discovery ... it connects ideas and individuals in ways we could not imagine just a few short years ago.”

Clement, who gave an update on the development of a digital economy strategy at the International Institute of Communications Canada conference yesterday, said Canada has to find ways to reap the benefits of a digital economy. Clement said the Canadian government has a clear vision of what can be achieved.

“By 2020, the Harper government sees a Canada that boasts a globally competitive digital economy, characterized by innovation ... and enhanced productivity, where businesses, communities and individuals have the skills they need to use digital technologies to their advantage.”

In 2007, the government launched a framework to guide Canada’s technology policy into the future.

Clement said he would launch consultations on Canada’s digital economy strategy.

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