Mayoral candidate Daryl Bonar wanted to know what it’s like to spend a night on the streets of Edmonton.

On Tuesday night, Bonar shed his suit and tie for a thick jacket and work boots.

Fresh off his evening in the inner city, Bonar spoke to media yesterday morning.

“I thought it was important, if I want to lead this city, that I at least be able to have lived for a second, or to have walked just a small step, in everyone’s shoes,” Bonar said.

“It wasn’t a great sacrifice being out there. I just wanted to walk a mere baby step in the shoes that about 3,600 Edmontonians shared with me last night on the streets.”

Bonar said he had to avoid confrontation with a couple of people but was befriended by a young drug dealer who gave the candidate tips on surviving on the streets.

“I want to be a mayor for all Edmontonians, including the ones that have been marginalized,” he said. “I was able to glean a little bit and appreciate a little bit but I’ll never pretend to know what it’s like to walk a mile in these guys’ shoes.”

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