For some Canadian students, school days can be school daze — a series of mind-numbing lectures and monotonous textbook readings.


But with new smart technologies, interactive programs and the opportunity to customize learning experiences, students have the opportunity to gain 21st-century skills that will makeover classrooms and brighten lesson plans:


To China and beyond
Though teaching students about ancient civilizations in Greece and reliving famous Canadian battles is a dream for most teachers, lack of funding and jam-packed curricula can prevent the kind of hands-on learning that turns history into adventure.


Now, using virtual world technology, students and teachers can travel the world to explore historic ruins and discover far-off lands without ever leaving their desks. For example, using a new virtual Forbidden City application, students can delve into the culture of the Qing dynasty while exploring the inner walls of China's Forbidden City. Getting to Asia and back has never been easier.