A Halifax marathon swimmer is preparing to cross the English Channel.

Within hours of arriving in the U.K. on Saturday, Kristin Roe hustled down to the beach in Dover to witness her next challenge for the first time, she said in an email interview yesterday.

Her 32-kilometre crossing will take place between July 19 and 27, depending on weather and water conditions.

She said she is training everyday in Dover Harbour with other swimmers from across the globe.

“I am feeling generally good, although a bit tired from the travelling, and slightly intimidated by all the world-class swimmers that have swum this body of water,” she said. “I really am just a normal person trying to do this swim.”

Roe is hoping her English Channel swim will raise $100,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Nova Scotia Gambia Association. Roe is involved with both charities, which raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Long swims

Roe completed a six-hour continuous swim across the Northumberland Strait on June 25 in order to qualify to cross the Channel. She also completed a single crossing of the Northumberland Strait in 2005, and a double crossing in 2008.

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