Tamara Taylor, actress, plays Dr. Camille Soroyan on Bones, airing on Global, Wednesday nights:

Q What products make you look and feel good?

A I have sensitive skin, so any and all of the fancy face products are off limits for me. I love just about anything Bumble and Bumble makes! Kiehl’s tinted lip balm is amazing!

Q Describe your style.

A Describe my personal style … yikes! I’d like to think it’s somewhere between “Phyllis” (from The Mary Tyler Moore Show) and Audrey Hepburn. My style is a little more retro than trendy.

Q How do you keep life in perspective?

A I don’t know. I haven’t quite mastered that one yet. Got any tips?

Q What things make life easier?

A The three B’s: Bossa Nova, the beach and my boyfriend (now my husband). I guess the three B’s will have to be revised.

Q How do you stay fit?

A It’s a pretty British workout. It includes hiking, stretching and yoga. No gyms!

Q What are your healthy eating habits?

A Balance is the key for me. Anything green, anything clean and very little meat. Of course, sugar of any kind and a glass of red wine!

Graham Abbey, actor, plays Cassio in the CBC television production of Othello, airing June 15:

Q What products make you look and feel good?

A I try to use products that make me feel good on the inside and outside. I love Gogi berry juice and the Greens Plus energy formula. I’ve been trying to get better at using a moisturizer and have been partial lately to Kiehl’s products. I especially like the Ultra facial Moisturizer and the Abyssine + eye cream.

Q Describe your style.

A My sense of style is truly limited so I rely on the good advice of my friends and fiancée. The only thing I know is never wear white after Labour Day and camouflage shirts are not my friend.

Q How do you keep life in perspective?

A My grandmother used to have a poem pinned to her fridge that said: “Don’t worry, don’t hurry. It’s a short trip, take time to smell the flowers.”

Marcy Cornblum is a freelance journalist. She’s developed up-close and personal relationships with celebrities including actors, musicians and television personalities.

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