Tamara Taggart said co-hosting Live! With Regis and Kelly was like being a bride on her wedding day — it went by in a blur that she said she can barely remember.

The Vancouver weather broadcaster won the chance to shoot one episode with Regis Philbin — which airs on Friday morning — in place of usual co-host Kelly Ripa.

“It’s funny, I can’t really remember what happened,” Taggart told Metro Vancouver by phone from New York. “It just whizzed by and my husband said, ‘It was so slow from the audience.’”

Taggart said the show’s staff and guests — including Renee Zellweger and Geraldo Rivera — made her feel at home.

“Renee Zellweger was incredible. She was so genuinely kind and nice,” Taggart said. “Geraldo is a journalist, so he’s used to commanding his own show and it was much harder for me to get in there.”

But the most memorable experience, she said, was in the moments leading up to walking on stage.

“Regis came to my dressing room and said, ‘Alright Tamara Taggart from Vancouver, are you ready for this?’ He grabbed my hand and we walked down the hall to ... this big silver door that opens (to the set).

“There I was, holding Regis’ hand and that door swung open and we walked through it,” Taggart said. “In those minutes before the door opened, I thought, ‘Wow, this is really happening.’”

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