Thousands of Tamil-Canadians took part in a boisterous protest yesterday at Queen’s Park under the watchful eye of hundreds of police officers after another peaceful demonstration over the weekend turned into an impromptu storming of the Gardiner Expressway.

A constant rotation of protesters took turns at various megaphones chanting “Tamil Tigers, freedom fighters” and “no more genocide” for hours until their voices turned hoarse.

Hundreds of police officers, most of them in riot gear, kept watch by forming a perimeter around the peaceful demonstration.

The protesters left the legislature last night and marched through several downtown streets as police closed the roads ahead of the banner-waving march­ers.

The protesters returned to the legislature lawn following the march and were again ringed by hundreds of police.

Leading up to yesterday’s protest, police had issued warnings that the city could see disruptions again, though protest organizers had not threatened similar road closures.

Protester Sahab Jesuth­asan said he understands people are frustrated by the demonstrations but adds it’s necessary to raise awareness.

“I think patience is wearing a little thin ... (but) people are finally asking why,” he said.

“MPs are talking, the media is talking, people on the streets are talking. That’s what we wanted.”

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