Scenes from a video entitled Megaman vs Polish immigrant.


B.C.’s Polish community reacted with outrage yesterday to a video posted on a popular Internet site that parodies the fatal Tasering death of a Polish immigrant at the Vancouver airport.

The video, entitled Megaman vs Polish immigrant, features the popular videogame character Mega Man electrocuting a character with Robert Dziekanski’s face.

"I didn’t feel comfortable watching this thing," said Jurek Baltakis, who gave the eulogy at Dziekanski’s funeral in Kamloops.

Dziekanski, 40, died Oct. 14, after he was Tasered by RCMP at Vancouver International Airport. The incident was captured on video by a Victoria traveller and received worldwide attention.

The Mega Man video, posted a week ago, has received more than 2,000 hits.

"It seems like an innocent little video game, but for us involved, especially for Zophia (Cisowski) the mother, or Robert (Dziekanski), it wasn’t a video game," Baltakis said.

"It was very tragic and sad. A shocking loss of life of a Polish immigrant."

Dziekanski’s mother spent Christmas with family in Poland, Baltakis said. Her airfare was paid by an anonymous Kamloops resident.

"The trip was a good thing for her," he said. "Before she left she was really in distress, feeling pain in her small, tiny apartment filled with pictures and flowers always reminding her of her son."

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