Re: Mark Trealout (Slow-food movement just tastes better, March 5)

It’s true, slow food does taste better. Mark Trealout was correct when he said “the average urbanite has no idea how to raise a pig, harvest wheat, or store the summer’s bounty for winter use.”

While a lot of people understand the movement conceptually, we in the restaurant industry and local leaders need to give people good guidance on how to become fully involved.

The first step is definitely the Internet. Through a few basic searches, readers will find suppliers, retailers and restaurants that have embraced the cause throughout Canada.

However, a true understanding for the purpose of the slow-food movement can only be developed by tasting the end product. Anyone with the slightest interest can easily make a reservation at a restaurant that participates in producing high-quality slow food from local communities to see and learn what we’re all about.

There’s no tastier and more fulfilling place to start.

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