British Columbians are yet again being forced to subside the cost of the 2010 Games after three Crown Corporations spent $1.4 million on Olympic tickets, says a spokesperson for the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation.

B.C. Hydro, ICBC and the B.C. Lottery Corporation say the tickets they bought will be used for promotions, according to a statement released by the province.

But Maureen Bader said it’s just another hidden cost of the Olympics.

“Taxpayers, rate payers, insurance buyers and lottery ticket purchasers — who have no choice but to buy (from these corporations) — are now subsidizing, in yet another way, the cost of the Olympic Games,” she said.

“They should be looking for ways to save money instead of looking for ways to funnel yet more dollars into these Games.”

ICBC said its tickets were bought using money from the sale of optional insurance coverage only, while B.C. Hydro said its tickets are going to be used as prizes in an energy conservation program.

B.C. Hydro spokeswoman Susan Danard told CBC News that promoting conservation leads to savings in the long run.