It’s hard to say how many stuffed toys are packed into Fish & Bone’s bins and shelves.


“I don’t know exactly, but it’s definitely hundreds,” laughs owner Kathy Palmer. Fun is a big part of this new “urban pet purveyor” on Newbury Street. There’s cute apparel and gear, a digital pet photo booth, treats, “Furst Friday” art shows — and “Yappy Hours” are planned, too.


There’s also healthy food and nutritional products. This isn’t a pet store in the old-fashioned sense, — i.e., puppies and kittens as products. With more cats and dogs than there are homes for, Palmer takes a progressive approach — no live animals for sale — and intends to work with local animal welfare groups. The New Jersey native, who graduated from Boston College in 1986, moved to Portland, Maine, where she opened her first store for pets, Fetch, six years ago. She’ll mostly be based in Boston while Fish & Bone gets going.


Overall, Fish & Bone aims to bridge the human-pet inner-city divide.


“We want to be part of the community and want people to feel they can ask for advice on nutrition or any problem. Whether it’s a barking or scratching issue, we are about solutions.”

Fish & Bone
217 Newbury St., Boston