There are two elements to investigate: the degree to which schools value and support good teaching, and the specific faculty who will be teaching the classes you need to take.

Size matters
Most schools publish faculty/student ratios. This information doesn’t necessarily reflect what goes on in the classroom because faculty numbers don’t include teaching assistants, who are often the people you have the most contact with. Instead, check for average class size; this will give you a better idea of how much individual attention you’ll be able to get. There are two other numbers to look for. The proportion of full-time faculty can indicate the value placed on teaching, and the proportion of the faculty holding the highest degrees in their fields can indicate the value placed on competence.

Check it out

After you’ve done your online research, visit the school and sit in on a few classes. Do the instructors present the material clearly? Are they responsive to questions and willing to re-explain complicated material? Can you picture yourself sitting in those classrooms?